Chrome Extension SEO Optimization (Easy Rankings)

Case Study On Ranking Chrome Extensions on Page One Of Google

Before we get started on the results of a simple case study for Chrome store extensions SEO you should know that this wasn't the main goal, in fact it was almost an afterthought that caused me to  stumble upon a goldmine for traffic.

What i was really looking to do was run a case study on how effective LeadBlasta is at building a targeted and pre qualified email list really fast.

Well that worked like a charm a you can see from the one month case study result below, but the rankings of the chrome store page was almost too easy and even more surprising was how simple it is to optimize for suggested chrome extension apps, and get placed right under the most popular chrome extensions.

First though, lets have a look at the effect of having a great chrome extension Lead magnet and easy (organic) targeted traffic and then the importance of taking advantage of Chrome extension SEO becomes more apparent...


Chrome extension SEO Examples
 Getting Rankings For High Search Volume Keywords Is EASY!

Below is a Screenshot Using a Rank Checker To Show 'Non Personalized' Page One Results for This 2,900 Search Volume Keyword...

(I Optimized For This Keyword By Simply Adding a Paragraph To The Chrome Extension Description a Week Ago)

Keyword Targeted - What Is YouTube SEO

Search Volume - 2,900 Per Month

Also Ranking On Page One For Another 2,900 Search Volume COMPETITIVE Keyword...

Keyword Targeted - YouTube For SEO

Search Volume - 2,900 Per Month

Also Ranking On Page One For Another MUCH MORE COMPETITIVE Keyword...

Keyword Targeted - YouTube SEO

Search Volume - 2,900 Per Month

In Fact, Look At The Screenshot Below

I Am Literally Picking Keywords Off At Will, With 'Snipers Precision'

This is Wild Crazy Stuff!...

Iv'e never seen easier rankings

“I've tested this in multiple ways and it is not only easy to optimize for Google rankings, but with a few tweaks you can also rank easily for 'Suggested Extensions' next to the most popular extensions”

Tony Hayes