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  • Build Massive Email Lists Fast
  • No Complicated Funnels
  • It Takes Just Minutes To Build
  • The Traffic Advantage

LeadBlasta App Features

Create Your Checklist Categories And List Items

Creating your checklists is really easy and it can be anything from a short top 5 tips guide to a full blown and in depth checklist with multiple categories.

Add Videos, Images, Banner & CTA's

Apart from creating simple checklists you can also embed videos from YouTube, images and we even have a banner maker tool that creates perfectly sized banners for your chrome extension as well as multiple options for more hyperlink call to action links too where you can recommend more content, products or add your affiliate links.

Publish & Get Traffic!

When you have finished you can download a zip file which you simply upload into the chrome store.
We have video tutorial and step by step guide with screenshots to show you what to do.
It's simple, it takes just a few minutes and then you will get your checklist chrome extension on the chrome store as soon as the Google Chrome store team approves it.

Reach To Your Users Effortlessly

  • email subscription

  • sms marketing

  • Push Notifications

  • Android App

Build Your List Fast Without Needing Complicated Funnels

LeadBlasta integrates with popular email service providers and gives you the ability to add an optin form r=to show when people install your app. This has high conversion rate and has been responsible for building email lists with tens of thousands of leads for many of our customers, and these leads are extremely targeted audiences due to the nature of the checklist lead magnets.

You can build your lists faster as these checklists are interactive tools and people actually want to use them instead of saving a PDF on their hard drive. With the optin form on the app itself allowing access to the app after double verification it means that you do not need any complicated funnels, as its all built into the app itself.
However, you can redirect to any page you want after the optin has been confirmed. 
You can optionally choose to use a single optin and run email verifier in real time too.

With LeadBlasta, you're getting more than just the ability to build simple chrome extensions, you're also getting good training.”

Roderick P Burnett III


What our customers say...

“This brand new Software from Anthony is by far the easiest to use app to build lead magnets for fast list building.
With all the integrations you have everything under one roof to build your assets fast!”

Philipp Kiebert

“Leadblasta is a New way of Ranking fast on Google for FREE.

I have been buying software from Anthony Hayes since 2014 and I have never been disappointed, this is also true for Leadblasta. He is one of these very clever marketers who uses his own software everyday and provides excellent support for his products.”

John Crowley

"I think this is absolutely awesome, stupendous, fabulous."

kristin77 (sumoling)

“This is super simple to set up.. No Experience required .. I got my first chrome extension set up and launched in 48 hours.. and whenever you have any questions.. you get a quick response.. Awesome product, awesome people!!”

Gilbert Arias

About the Creator

Anthony Hayes

"Over the past 4 years he has been using simple checklist lead magnets to build his email list, get more attendees on webinars and use as high quality bonuses for affiliate promotions. However, despite the thousands of email optins and the and the tens of thousands of dollars generated in increased revenue due to these interactive chrome extension lead magnets, He never fully grasped the enormity of what we had until he created LeadBlasta.

Here's what he says that he feels for a fact after using this brilliant new lead magnet creator software tool...  

"I Wish We Had Built This Sooner!"

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