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  • Getting Started
  • New 3-Step Start To Finish Set Up
  • How To Use LeadBasta
  • Webinars
  • How to pick a winning topic
  • How To Make Money With An Email List
  • Android App Tutorials




Step 2 - Register For Chrome Store Developers Console

  • You will need to register for Chrome Store developers account here
  • It Costs $5.00 One Time to register
  • You can install up to 20 live chrome extensions in your account


Step 3 - Add Some Integrations (That You Want To Use)

  • Integrate with An Email Service Provider (i Recommend Sendfox)
  • Integrate Twilio Pro Account If You Want To Use The LeadBlasta SMS Marketing Platform.
  • You need Twilio Account SID, Twilio Auth Token and a Twilio Phone Number
  • You can send both broadcast messages and drip feed sequences (like autoresponder messages) with the SMS marketing platform.

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