Traffic Sculpting Workshops

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Click on the link to get your workshop step by step checklist.

Here’s What To Expect Now You've Signed Up

This workshop requires at least TEN participants, we expect to have all participants quickly, and we have provisionally set a date for the workshop to take place on the 27th & 28th January.

We have ALREADY started work on the following tasks so that we have EVERYTHING ready for the start of the workshop. This allows us to focus purely on campaigns, tweaking and optimizing.


You can see and copy the research Google sheet here, note this will continue to have information added to it over time too. This includes identifying the top 4 sub topic niches for targeting


Our targeting lists will be ready for the workshop and will be shared among the participants on the first day of the workshop, until then we will; build them out and keep them under wraps

Ad Scripts

Ad scripts will be complete and ready, and you can get the exact fill in the blanks and completed versions on the first day of the workshop. This will include different hooks for testing and CTA in each ad script to A/B test.

Landing Pages & Webinar Funnel

Landing pages are identical to pages used by top marketers within the same niche. We have bridge page with referral marketing, and we have the Masterclass replay and sales materials all done.

Video Ads & Banner Creatives

We will have a minimum of 2 video ads for EACH topic we are building targeting lists for. You can download and use these ads too after the workshop, but best add some change to the videos. Source files will be provided

Autoresponder Follow Up (Copy Pro)

We're hiring a copywriter to do 10 email sequence to follow up with autoresponder. This will be done by identifying pain points, solutions, benefits, FOMO and scarcity etc. and optimized for the sequence.

Here are the exact strategy steps we will follow in the workshop campaigns and brief details for each...

Note* This will also be in the interactive checklist and any future changes will be added there too. I am NOT including the preparation steps (above) as we will have already done it before the workshop


Step 1: Run Instream Ads To Each Topic

We will be using at least 4 campaigns for each topic, with each campaign having its own separated 5000 YouTube ad placement lists.

This will include split testing between devices and networks


Step 2: Optimize The Campaigns From Split Testing Results

This includes device's targeted, which ad hook is working best, which landing page is working best etc.

We want to cut this down to an Ad creative and landing page combination that works, that we keep running traffic to


Step 3: Drive More Traffic With Campaign Goals

For this we will use video action ads, this will allow Google to optimize our campaign which they do efficiently, and we can test between website visits and leads for the campaign goals. Both require moving people from YouTube to our landing pages that have been converting best.


Step 4: Drive Traffic With Remarketing Audiences

Using our best performing ads for each topic and landing page, device etc. we drive traffic using our audience that's already familiar with our content. We will have some of these audiences built up prior to the workshop and if needed we will use similar audiences to top up the traffic.

The Next Steps...
Here's Where We Need Your Input Too

It's a group project, we need to start working like a team to have everything ready by the time we start the workshops.
See from the tasks below where you think you can be useful, but only if you have the ability to do them, and if so fill in the form above to let us know in one of the questions there how you can help


I need SIX people to create targeted placements for a sub topic (one sub topic each gives us 6 ready to go sub-topic targeting lists)
I will give step-by-step instructions ion EXACTLY what to do at the bottom of this page.


Do you have any video making or editing skills?
I need someone who can make videos using video software or animated kinetic text style videos to help us turn the ad scripts into video ads. 


I need someone to help with some WordPress pages to improve the templates and funnel landing pages, create split test versions of them etc.
We already have some done in Elementor and thrive, but we require someone to help with small things like 2 step opt in buttons and similar tasks.

Knowledge of working with Elementor or thrive themes would be really useful.