The Fastest Way To Build A Massive Targeted Email List With Simple Traffic Generating Checklist Chrome Extensions That People Love! 

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  • Create High Quality Lead Magnets
  • Create Checklists, Cheat sheets, Affiliate Recommendations,Comparisons, Step By Step Guides, Q&A’s, How To’s and More...
  • Create Your App Once, Update Via API Within LeadBlasta Web App To Make Instant Updates For Your Chrome Extensions On The Fly
  • Just Add Your Categories and Items and Make Your Choice Of CTA's 
  • Choice of Eye Catching Checklist Themes To Choose From & Already Done For You
  • Optin Lock Capture Emails Before People Can Use Your Chrome Extension
  • REALLY Easy Google Rankings ...Even For Competitive Keywords!
  • You Don't Even Need To Create Your Own Content
  • Builds Your Email List On Complete Autopilot
  • Embed Large Banner Images Into The Chrome Extensions
  • Embed YouTube Videos Into The Chrome Extensions
  • Responsible for Thousands of Email List Optins 
  • Helped Generate 10’s of Thousands of Dollars In Revenue From Affiliate Promotions (Used As High Quality Bonuses & Webinar Attendee Only Bait)
  • No Complicated Marketing Funnels Needed
  • Monetize Your Lead Magnets With The 'In App' Banner Ad Creator & Ad Manager Tool 
  • Email Optins AND Push Notification Tool To Build Your Audience and Re-market To Them Whenever You Like.

  • Publish New Lead Magnets Direct To Chrome Store From The LeadBlasta App Dashboard!
  • SMS Marketing Tool Being Added Via Twillio Integration
  • Analytics Being Added
  • New Export Features Coming For HTML, WordPress, Infographic & PDF
  • In Depth Training With Scalable High Level Traffic & Promotion Strategies

Watch The 30 Minute 'Pre Recorded' Mini-Webinar

Discover My 3 High Level Secrets To Rapid 'Targeted' List Building!...

Forget Everything You've Ever Learned About List Building Conversions!
 This Is Simpler, faster & Guaranteed To Drive Targeted Traffic and Grow Your List Today (and Everyday) As Well As Generate Sales & Affiliate Commissions Even Without Needing Any Complicated marketing Funnels or landing pages!

Proof Of Results

3000+ Downloads For My First Chrome Extension Without Much Promotion After It Was First Released...

Youtube seo checklist chrome store 3000 downloads

Chrome Extensions Rank On Google And Hold Their Rankings Too!

youtube seo checklist rankings

A Simple SEO Chrome Extension Gets 30,000+ Targeted Email Optins!
(This One Not Ours But A Great Example)

people are building massive email lists with simple chrome extensions

Get Powerful Results For Your Business!

"As you can see from the screenshots above, the results can be powerful for your business!

Starting from the first campaigns which we built to give away for an internal launch which got 3000+ downloads and optins, which ranks too (above some popular influencers and experts in the SEO niche)....and its still ranking despite those people optimizing for the same keyword. 

"Imagine How Fast You Can Build Your Email List, Drive targeted Traffic Daily & Profit!"

In fact, we don't have to imagine, here's my own results after we added an optin form to my YouTube SEO checklist...


So, After just 10 days and with traffic only from the easiest SEO rankings ever! 

We have  been averaging 35 optins daily (Day 10 Is Still in Progress)

That may not sound a lot but...

Over a week that's 245 weekly

 or 1,085 monthly

Or... 13,020 per year!

But here's the real kicker... this is without any promotion!

So it's barely started with traffic


...this is only ONE checklist app!

...Imagine you had TEN of these all getting the same MODEST results from JUST Simple On Page SEO....

That would be 350 Optins daily, 2,450 targeted optins weekly

....and 10,850 email optins Monthly!

Wow, Crazy Numbers right?

The truth is that its not hard to find hugely popular topics and in just about any niche!

And you can do what i did, and simply collect and curate the best content from top experts

Don't Take My Word For It, lets See The LeadBlasta Software In Action!

Step 1

Create Categories

Step 2

Add Items For Each Category

Step 3

Publish & Get Traffic!

Still Undecided? .. Here's The Clincher...

Getting Rankings For High Search Volume Keywords Is EASY!

Below is a Screenshot Using a Rank Checker To Show 'Non Personalized' Page One Results for This 2,900 Search Volume Keyword...

(I Optimized For This Keyword By Simply Adding a Paragraph To The Chrome Extension Description a Week Ago)

Keyword Targeted - What Is YouTube SEO

Search Volume - 2,900 Per Month

No 8 on google for 2900 search per month terrm

Also Ranking On Page One For Another 2,900 Search Volume COMPETITIVE Keyword...

Keyword Targeted - YouTube For SEO

Search Volume - 2,900 Per Month

Also Ranking On Page One For Another MUCH MORE COMPETITIVE Keyword...

Keyword Targeted - YouTube SEO

Search Volume - 2,900 Per Month

Page 1 for YouTube SEO

In Fact, Look At The Screenshot Below
I Am Literally Picking Keywords Off At Will, With 'Snipers Precision'

This is Wild Crazy Stuff!...


The Very REAL LeadBlasta Advantage

Get Results Faster Than Time Consuming Blogging, Content Marketing or Creating Complicated Sales Funnels

Given That The First Goal Of a Funnel and The End Goal of a Blog Post is To Build Email Lists Let's Compare...

The LeadBlasta Advantage

  • Create Your First Lead Magnet In an Hour or Less
    If you know your subject well you can knock these out really fast, or you can curate them using a collection of top tips or similar from other peoples content and then you need to upload your extension to the chrome store and add your description.
  • $20 a Year For a LeadBlasta App
    Current we are selling LeadBlasta at $19.97 per app for a year if you buy the 10 app package, that's really low cost for what can be achieved with these super powerful lead magnets.
  • Super Fast Ready Made Traffic To Massive Email List Building
    You don't even need to do much here as there are 2 billion chrome users according to Forbes and most people that i know uses chrome extensions and therefore searches for them. Its a massive, ready made traffic platform and its virtually untouched.
  • You Don't Need Complicated Funnels To Build a Massive List
    You don't even need a landing page or squeeze page or even a thank you delivery page, just add an optin lock to your app and watch your list build like magic
  • Extra Traffic Promotion Is Easy Due To The Power Of The Chrome Store To Rank Your Chrome Extension Page On Google
    You don't even need to know anything about SEO, just watch my case study videos and you'll see how super easy it is to rank (even for competitive keywords).
  • LeadBlasta Is Super Fast, Uncomplicated and Very Scalable. Its aIso a lot of fun as you get to see your work paying off and you'll see fast results coming in which gets you REAL focused.... and its inexpensive! So You Can Easily Scale This Up (Even With Virtual Assistants!)

Complicated Funnels or Blogging

  • It Can Take Days or Weeks Just To Create and Format 
    Top bloggers will take multiple days and often weeks to create epic content, for others who don't want to spend so much time its still likely to take hours. Meanwhile if you are building out funnels to build your list then you have to put the work in with extra steps than using LeadBlasta
  • Can Cost Hundreds of Dollars Monthly
    Tools that create funnels can cost hundreds of dollars every month, they sometimes have a steep learning curve and many people don't even get out of the gate before they quit. Meanwhile blogging content can cost either time or a hefty whack of money depending on the quality.
  • You Need To Either Buy Traffic or Wait and Hope You Get Rankings
    Most people don't know SEO well enough to get rankings for multiple traffic getting keywords and to drive traffic in the same way that LeadBlasta does then takes paid traffic from PPC normally which is another learning curve and delay which can be costly if you don't know what you are doing
  • You Do Need Multi Page Funnels To Build a Massive List
    In fact, you'll likely need many of them to build a list at the same pace as LeadBlasta which is a simple all-in-one solution for marketers or business owners of all levels of experience.
  • Look, By The Time You Have Done All That Work...
    You don't even know what to expect when you get to the point where you can actually start promoting.
  • You've Invested time and money and you're 'hoping' it will pay off. In fact, let's be honest, many folks have given up long before this point or they just can't scale it, not in the same way as LeadBlasta.

The REAL LeadBlasta Advantage...

I Wish We Had Built This Sooner!


"Over the past 4 years i have been using simple checklist lead magnets to build my email list, get more attendees on webinars and use as high quality bonuses for affiliate promotions.

However, despite the thousands of email optins and the and the tens of thousands of dollars generated in increased revenue due to these interactive chrome extension lead magnets i never fully grasped the enormity of what we had until we created LeadBlasta.

Here's what i know for a fact after using this brilliant new lead magnet creator software tool...

I wish we had built it sooner!"


Anthony Hayes

LeadBlasta Changes The Way I Will Do Marketing From This Day Forward!

  1. You can build massive email lists really fast!

  2. Despite spending several days blogging, i got very little results from it compared to the near instant results of hundreds of email optins in the same period from the chrome extension lead magnet.

  3. Despite thinking that i was going to need extra squeeze pages, landing pages, thank you pages and more complicated funnels, the opposite is actually true.

    ...That is, that you do not need any of that, you do not need any complicated funnels at all.

My conclusion

LeadBlasta has bypassed two of the hardest and most time consuming activities of building an online business.

Those are Blogging and Funnel Building...

Those are not only time consuming tasks, they are also expensive to do with expensive hosting, funnel software and content to pay for and hard to maintain with consistency too.

The massive email list building that's actually happening with LeadBlasta in just days gives us an option to simplify and remove the need for these complicated these tasks, so... instead of spending days blogging every week or month (which then requires weeks of promotion  to get any real benefit from, like... grow my email list) i can now achieve the same goal in a much easier, better and much more profitable way AND expect to get better results by building out more lead magnets instead!

This can still be content marketing, but in way that i have more control, faster, easier and with less stress, but... in a different format that is actually proven to drive thousands of email optins weekly.

So, if you're like me...

Now, instead of long and laborious blog posts you can build a few of these checklists out in the same time instead and have them working for you 24/7 with not that much effort needed for promotion before you start getting results!

For me personally going forward 

This is getting the exact results that i intended blogging to do for me but never really had the time to put in the proper effort or willingness to spend hundreds of dollars per blog post to get it done for me.

What are the goals?

  1. Build a targeted email list easily that are both scalable, and teachable for my team to replicate
  2. Nurture those lists to build up the 'know, like and trust factor'
  3. Cement that audience relationship with nurturing, and by sharing consistent quality insights and strategies, simply by creating more of these 'easy to do' apps that drive even more traffic.
  4. Re-market to that audience with my own products and quality affiliate marketing promotions that fit the audience and can provide  real value to them while i get to make sales and revenue.

Can these goals be met with LeadBlasta?

Honestly, from what we have seen so far then yes.

- It can be much bigger and faster, by spending the same time creating more of these chrome extension apps rather than blog posts

- And keep any sales funnels simplified, but very strategic in order to multiply the traffic.


By offering extra tools, apps, easy to produce training or content,
and ...By using really simple funnels that are fast and make it easy to create multiple angles for each campaign.

This is growth hacking by definition, this is LeadBlasta and it changes everything!


This Is Limited Time Offer To Grab Lifetime Access For One Time Cost!



/one time

  • Chrome Extension Maker
  • 40 Apps
  • Lifetime License
  • In Depth Strategy Training
  • Week of 5 Webinars
  •  Vid Attack Alpha Video Viewer
20 Apps Yearly

Get 20 Traffic & List Building Apps Working For You On Autopilot




  • Chrome Extension Maker
  • 20 Apps
  • Yearly License
  • In Depth Strategy Training
  • Week of 5 Webinars
  •  Vid Attack Alpha Video Viewer

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day guarantee.

Please be aware that if you refund, dispute or cancel your membership then your Apps will stop working too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​What Else Do I Need?

  • s​trategy

  • ​Can I use this software on a Mac?

  • What If I cancel?

What else do I need to use this tool efficiently?

The software is web based so you do not need to download anything. You will want to integrate your email autoresponder.

I highly recommend SendFox email service
SendFox is owned by AppSumo, the same people behind the Sumo-Me Plugin and Buzzsumo. I'ts One-Time-Cost, and at just $49.00 for 5000 subscribers that's a great deal, plus you can stack it to add more subscribers.
Even better is that you DO NOT Need to configure any confusing SMTP servers or 3rd party email sending services, just buy it, one time cost, grow your list and email them whenever you want. 
That gives you a high quality email marketing solution that's absolutely perfect for LeadBlasta Customers and we have integrated with their API to make it super easy to set up inside your LeadBlasta member area.
Sendfox also removes fake emails automatically too!

We will be also adding SMS marketing and that will require Twillio but more info on that when its ready from members area.

Anthony Hayes

Product Creator

Hi, Since 2011 I have been teaching SEO and traffic strategies after a spell doing local marketing.

I believe that automation is hugely important to be successful in traffic generation online today and my tools are designed to kickstart your campaigns... BUT I always advocate and teach that quality content comes first, followed by adding your marketing elements to convert your traffic before you start any traffic generation.

Our tools have been used to drive rankings and traffic for years and have helped thousands of marketers and built a hard core following.

© 2018 Build with Thrive  Architect.

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