What is LeadBlasta

LeadBlasta is a lead magnet creation tool that helps you create checklists in the form of chrome extensions. You simply add your categories and items within those categories to make your checklist, you can then add some marketing elements which I will explain in more detail below.

How Does LeadBlasta Make My Checklist Into a Chrome Extension?

When you are finished you download a zip file and upload into the chrome store, fill out some fields and questions and you will have your chrome extension manually reviewed and approved within a few hours and live on the chrome store.

Is There Any Limit To How Many categories and Items I Can Add To My Checklist?

No, there are no limits imposed by LeadBlasta but you should take into account what your checklist is likely to look like and what the user experience will be if it is too long and hard to find specific items because it's too long. 

Generally I keep mine to max 7 categories and 10 Items within each category but I also make many smaller ones too which are test lead magnets that i can quickly fill out when they start gaining in popularity.

Can I See an Example LeadBlasta Checklist?

Sure check out this one which currently has 13,500 users. 


Notice that we can embed video and also there is image embed allowed to and you can add a button that redirects people to any link you choose (affiliate offers, blog posts, customer forms, anywhere you choose).

If I choose a Package for 10 Chrome Extensions, Can I Delete any That I Want and Replace With a New One?

Yes, you will have max 10 extensions that you can build and if you delete one that space opens up to create a new one.

You Mentioned Built In Marketing Elements In The App, What Are They?

We have multiple marketing elements built in from the content creation aspect and through remarketing to your audience, so i will break these down in order to understand the sheer power of this app for marketers and content creators.

Audience Building

The first and main thing that we have done is add the ability to create an optin form at the point of opening the app after installation. 

Collect Email Optins

This allows you to add emails to multiple email service providers including SendFox, Mailerlite, Aweber, Mailbird and Mailchimp (More will be added too)

Connect Phone Numbers For SMS Marketing

You can also ask to add mobile phone numbers at this stage and it will add the numbers to an assigned list within your LeadBlasta account. This works with Twilio integration.

LeadBlasta has a full blown SMS marketing system built in that allows you to send broadcast SMS messages as well as Drip Feed sequences which is more like an autoresponder sequence.

Google Chrome Push Notifications

Next you also have the ability to reach every single person who installed any of your chrome extensions via Google Chrome Push notifications system that you will find in your LeadBlasta member area. 

You can send unlimited push notifications that will appear on the bottom right corner of the receivers desktop.

Currently it's a text only service but we will add rich media capability for image or video or both.

What If My Chrome Extension Is Not Getting Many User Installs?

Think of these lead magnets like any other piece of content, they need exposure..they need traffic. Sure you can tap into the chrome store traffic and you can even rank easily on Google but you still need to drive more traffic as you would any other lead magnet, landing page or funnel. The best traffic for this that i have tried personally is YouTube ads, however targeted facebook and instagram ads would work well also.Some traffic training is provided with your purchase.

What is the Advantage Of Using LeadBlasta Instead of a Funnel or Lead Page?

LeadBlasta  is unique in that it doesn't require you to have any complicated funnels or landing pages. You have the optin form built into the chrome extension and when they have confirmed their email you have TWO opportunities to redirect them to anywhere that you choose.

LeadBlasta will redirect after optin confirmation and so will your autoresponder service.

I suggest at this point you use some referral marketing campaign links at the bottom of your confirmation emails and every email you send afterwards as well as set up a Viral Giveaway that you redirect people to after they optin.

You can use viral loops, kingsumo or many others at this stage but it will help you MULTIPLY your audience growth and brand exposure as well as give you the opportunity to send new referrals to your chrome store installation page.