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  • 30 Days List Building  Challenge
  • Reach 1000 Subscribers in 30 days
  • Learn How To Multiply Your Traffic
  • Get Google Rankings (Even If You Don't Know SEO)
  • Multiple Traffic Strategies Taught
  • Get Access To LeadBlasta
  • Create Chrome Extension Checklists
  • Full Features Enabled for ONE App
  • Step By Step Training On List Building,  and Promoting Affiliate Offers
  • Multiple Traffic Strategies
  • Build Your Email List
  • Drive Targeted & Pre-Qualified Traffic
  • Learn To Nurture Your List And Get Your Emails Opened
  • Learn How To Monetize Your List
  • Learn How To Scale Your List Building

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With Organic Traffic Generated Naturally ONLY From Chrome Store and Google

This lead magnet continues to increase optins at the rate of 40 people per day on average. Now we are starting to drive more targeted traffic using strategies that i will be teaching in the 30 day challenge including YouTube and Social Media traffic, as well as communites and memberships that can drive really targeted audiences into your email list, to give you ready made traffic to send to new content that you publish or even to offers and promotions.
todays tube seo optin count

Here is Some Stats from TWO Autoresponder Emails

YouTube SEO Autoresponder Series Automated email stats with arrows
  • Healthy Open Rates Which We Can Improve With Nurturing Strategies
  • Very Low Unsubscribes
  • Low Bounce Rates And Can Be Improved With Double Optin
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What happens to my checklist lead magnet after 30- days if i decide not to renew?

If you decide to cancel membership you can keep your chrome extension checklist but you will lose some features such as optin form, api updating from leadblasta dashboard to chrome browser and the push and SMS marketing systems and also the ad banner and ad manager.

You will however have access to some incredible traffic training during those 30 days and will have learned how to rank chrome extensions, how to drive traffic from YouTube, Social media and discovered some new traffoc sources that you can switch on at any time you want for ny content you ahve in future.

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